i ate so much that i have a headache. and now i ahve to go do radio.

radio.depaul.edu 10pm central. ugh. playing high school vibes 2nite.

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writing a paper on the xfiles 101

well. rip acidic tree :\\\\\\\\

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poekmon lbue vrseion

Twin Peaks (1991)
its 2 hot in this house

can i plz get my tax return money im ready for a twin peaks tattoo RIGHT NOW.

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4/16 - Title Fight, Hop Along and Fury @ Strummers In Fresno, California

go out with friends, oooooooooooor get a six pack of tallboys and listen to pop punk

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sitting on the front porch smoking cigarettes and drinking beer while this blasts from inside the house. almost forgot how great warm weather is.