Artist: Code Orange Kids
Track Name: "Mercy"
Album: I Am King
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George Clarke in the 8th grade

fka twigs

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY! Let Bellows & eskimeaux LABOR for you on this DAY

September 1st @ The Crown:
Bellows • Eskimeaux • Flashlight O • Soft Cat • Bliss

The only downside of living in Chicago is missing out on every epoch show :’(

i’m so tired my eyes are burning BUT!!! i finally unpacked and organized the bookshelves
Woah this beer is my new aesthetic


yo have u guys heard of this shit called hentai


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alphabeteyes drink lots of water / hell yeah dudey !!

Also I’m about to hit 2 months of being cigarette free. So I’m givin out highfives all over the place today.

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Just yr regular every day Iowa blood donor bout to head to work. Also might get a job at a pizzeria soon. If I get it I’ll be on an 8 year pizzeria streak. Is this what a career feels like?
When I was stuck in the Detroit airport for 18 hours I saw a guy taking a selfie on the moving sidewalk at 12:30 in the morning.
Sic pic of yr boy