hey sb do you have a copy of this record?? if you do could you hook me up with some mp3s

listening to that ricky eat acid record for the first time, wishing i had a dog to walk. this things pretty raw

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note to self: satoshi kon films

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Artist: One Hundred Year Ocean
Track Name: "Magnetic Curses"
Album: Where Were You While We Were Getting High?
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i want to die. the band playing tonight just covered an mgmt song. why do white people even exist?? someone kill us all plEASE.

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"Hey dude was the back of your phone always shattered?"
These words have ruined men.

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every night home alone eventually turns into me watching live porches. videos for 3 hours  NOTHING whrong with it.

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Milano 2013

kinda drunk on half a bottle of beer: the jake puleo story

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